Vega Sport Sugar-Free Energizer

Some mornings I have zero motivation to get up to train. While I love working out, motivating myself to get out of bed at 4 a.m. to squeeze a workout into my manic schedule is really hard. I never eat before my workouts. Getting up any earlier is just not gonna happen.

Luckily, my healthy diet and good sleep are enough to power me through my workouts. My workouts are always intense, but more so now that I am building strength from my foot injury and pushing my body harder. I need something light & quick to power me through my training.

My friends at Vega have me covered with their Sugar-Free Energizer and I was excited when I was asked to review it for them. #vegasport


The Sport Sugar-Free Energizer boosts endurance, enhances focus and increases energy to power you through your workouts. The sugar-free is intended for low-intensity or short duration workouts. Since I never carb load pre-workout, I don’t need anything more than this to give me more energy.

What’s in the Sport Sugar-Free Energizer?


10 medicinal ingredients are in Vega’s Sport Sugar-Free Energizer 

  • Coconut seed replenishes electrolytes
  • Yerba mate provides energy with little caffeine
  • Devil’s claw helps with joint pain
  • Green tea contains antioxidants 
  • Rhodiola enhances endurance
  • Ginseng boosts energy
  • Sodium another electrolyte maintains fluid balance in cells
  • Turmeric assists with inflammation for recovery
  • Potassium stores fuel in muscles 
  • Ginger anti inflammatory important for muscle soreness

What’s the Nutrition?


The energizer is made with stevia making it low in sugar and just 5 calories!


  • Great tasting! I tested the acai berry flavor & when I mixed it with water, it became a not so appetizing dark orange color. To my surprise, it was good though.


  • Low in calories & sugar free.
  • Good ingredients.
  • No jittery caffeine effects. Other energizers I’ve tried in the past, were highly caffeinated & had me shaking through my workouts.
  • Really works. I experienced an energy boost & improved focus in my workouts.
  • Love the single packs for convenience on the go.



  • Expensive. Cost is $49.99 for either a tub or box of 30 individual packs.  
  • Citric & malic acid and natural flavorings are not ingredients I love.

Overall, I loved Vega’s Sport Sugar-Free Energizer and would recommend to anyone serious about their workouts wanting to increase their energy level and boost recovery. While the sugar-free is marketed for low-impact workouts, my workouts are mostly high impact & I felt energized with this. #vegafueled # vegasport


Disclaimer – I was provided with free product from Vega for this review as a part of their #fuelyourbetter campaign through my ambassadorship with Fit Approach. All opinions stated within this post are my own.


Do you use sport energizing supplements? Would you try this product? How do you #fuelyourbetter?

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